Dr. Joe Serrano is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 12 years of clinical experience. He has engaged in varied clinical experiences within community mental health counseling centers, private practice, and inpatient facilities in rural, suburban, and urban areas.  Dr. Serrano is currently the Director of Clinical Services for a group practice in Mt. Prospect.

As a young boy, Dr. Serrano would often get lost in fantasy as he read comic books, specifically the mutant-laden Marvel series: X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, and Excalibur. As he grew older, his comic interests transcended from graphic novels to various comic book memorabilia and comic book movies. 

Dr. Serrano’s affinity for comic books has played such a pivotal role in his life that he even created his doctoral dissertation study on the influence of comic books on moral development.

Dr. Edgar Ramos is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 17 years experience in the behavioral health field. His experience includes hospital settings, residential placements, and community mental health centers. He currently owns and operates a group practice in Mount Prospect, IL and is a full-time faculty professor at Concordia University Chicago. 

Dr. Ramos is an avid reader and collector of comics. His passion for comics began at an early age as My Greatest Adventure (issue 80) introduced him to comic books. However, Captain America (issue 305) was the issue that began his admiration for his favorite superhero, Captain America, as well as his collection of comic books. Since then, Dr. Ramos has developed a strong interest in the Avengers and Captain America comic book series.

The story behind Dr. Ramos's love for Captain America is a tale of literacy and understanding, as he learned how to read English and speak the language better through comic books. In addition, his identity and American ideals began in the pages of Captain America.

Samantha Chavez is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has obtained an extensive amount of knowledge regarding child and adolescent development through her academic and professional training. She currently serves as the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at a private practice in Mount Prospect, IL and is also  an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University.

Samantha’s love of comics developed at a young age, as weekly trips to the comic book store brought home a number of Batman and Wonder Woman comics. Through comics, she was able to connect with concepts such as identity and empowerment. Due to these notions, Samantha has been able to find a voice in the field of Psychology and advocate for the use of comics in therapeutic application. 

Samantha has a strong interest in D.C. comics, specifically issues related to the Justice League.