Over the years, we have had the great privilege and honor to share the stage with some really talented and passionate colleagues in the field of psychology and comic books.

Wonder Con 2016, Los Angeles, California

Left to Right:  Sean Knuth, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Smith, M.A.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.; Joe Serrano, M.A.; Patrick O'Connor, Psy.D.

 Mighty Con 2016,  Dupage County, Illinois 

Left to Right: Israel Espinosa, Psy.D.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.; Joe Serano, M.A.; Rebecca Lee, M.A

Mighty Con 2016, Dupage County,  Illinois

Left to Eight: Elizabeth Smith, Psy.D.; Patrick O'Connor, Psy.D.; Joe Serrano, M.A. 

Wonder Con 2017, Anaheim, California

Left to Right:  Rebecca Lee, M.A.; Joe Serrano, M.A.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D. 

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2017, Chicago, Illinois

Left to Right: Patrick O'Connor, Psy.D; 
Josué Cardona, M.A.; Elizabeth Smith, Psy.D.; Tana Ford (Silk), Robbie Ford (Silk), Joe Serrano, M.A.

San Diego Comic Con 2017, San Diego, California

Joe Serrano, M. A.

Chicago Wizard World 2017, Rosemont, Illinois

Left to Right: Israel Espinosa, Psy.D.; Joe Serrano, Psy.D.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.;  Samantha Chavez, M.A.

Illinois Psychological Association Diversity Symposium  2017, Chicago, Illinois

Left to Right: Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.; Samantha Chavez, M.A.; Joe Serano, Psy.D. 

Chicago Wizard World 2018, Rosemont, Illinois

Left to Right: Joe Serrano, Psy.D.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D., Samantha Chavez, M.A., Sophia Ansari, M. A.

Indiana Comic Con 2019, Indianopolis, Indiana

Left to Right: Lee Woods,  Joe Serrano, PsyD.; Samantha Chavez, M.A.; Edgar Ramos, PsyD.

Indiana Comic Con 2019, Indianoplois, Indiana

Left to Righ: Joe Serrano, PsyD.; Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.; Samatha Chavez, M.A.